Global recognition

After a huge brand success in Japan, Vitabrid C12 has started a dedicated U.S. online promotion due to the retailing start in the high-end retailer Barneys New York as their first exclusive Korean brand in 2017.

Vitabrid C 12 was promoted in magazines, on social media, and blogs (e.g. Vogue, New York Times, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, etc.). More recently, our brand shifted towards a “Direct To Consumer” approach in the


Vitabrid C12 HAIR Tonic Set received the “Grand Gold Award” in Monde Selection in 2017. In May 2018, It was also chosen as the “Most Innovative Product or Tool” of the Editor’s Choice Beauty awards by NaturallyCurly.


Vitabrid C12 Hair Tonic sets are famous among the athletes in Japan:

Athletes like the former professional soccer player, gymnastic from the Olympic team and fighter are complimenting about our Hair Tonic Set and giving testimonials.

The hybrid technology and the penetration of vitamin C are greatly helping their hair better than before.

Ease of use and health is important for athletes, as well as their appearance. (Young both in the body and appearance)

Applying vitamin C onto the scalp is unique. Vitabrid C12 is the only one in the world known as the world promising technology and is the only one that continuously delivers vitamin C for over 12 hours.

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Vitabrid C12 Hair Tonic Set has been ranked #1 as a trusted brand for hair regrowth:

Marketing Research company Marushu Co., Ltd. in Japan has conducted an online survey (Period: 2018/03/09 to 2018/03/13) to 100 people in 20-60’s who have been using hair regrowth products for more than a year.

They were asked to rate products from 1 to 10 by just looking at the advertising copy, descriptions and key ingredients of each products without revealing the brand names. Vitabrid Cl 2 Hair Tonic Set in Japan ranked 1st (72% of the participants selected).

Vitabrid in JAPAN




Quantity Sold  In 2018 alone, more than 3,5 billion Yen in product value were sold in     Japan (over 33 million USC).

Was designated as the No. 1 trusted brand for hair regrowth in Japan

Marketing Research Company Marushu, March 2018




75 seconds in Japan, somebody purchases a HAIR Tonic Set.


Monde Selection

International Quality Institute’s Quality Award

Grand Gold Award


Editor’s Choice Awards

Omistati juuksetooniku komplektile kõige innovatiivsema toote tiitli 2018. aastal.

Core Technology

Vitabrid CG — Organic-Inorganic Compound Complex with LDH

(Layered Double Hydroxide) Technology. This new technology specializes in delivering vitamin C encapsulated in between bio-friendly mineral layers to overcome the weakness of vitamin C, which is easily destroyed when exposed to sunlight, moisture, and/or heat, and continuously releases active vitamin C to penetrate deep into the skin for over 12 hours.

How Collagen Synthesis Helps Against Hair Loss

In February 2016, Science, the world’s top scientific journal, released the research results of professor Emi Nishimura’s research team from Tokyo Medical & Dental University that hair loss is caused by a collagen deficiency in hair follicle stem cells. More specifically, it is caused by a deficiency of collagen 17A1 , which activates hair follicle stem cells.

Healty Scalp

A Collagen-Deficien Scalp

As a Result?

Product Headline

Vitabrid C12 HAIR Tonic Set Professional is two-part system specially formulated for intensive hair and scalp care. It helps alleviate scalp itchiness, while also diminishing the appearance of hair loss and promoting the look and feel of thicker and fuller hair.

Our patented vitamin C powder is combined with a hair tonic, allowing for the delivery of transdermal Vitamin C into the scalp for 12 hours. Vitamin C improves cell metabolism and promotes collagen production, preventing hair loss and making hair stronger.

Hair-Loss Prevention Contains ingredients and vitamins effective for hair loss prevention and increasing hair thickness.

Collagen Synthesis Promotion Vitamin C improves cell metabolism and promotes collagen production, preventing hair loss and making hair stronger.

Soothes scalp and alleviates itchiness Active ingredients are delivered deep into the scalp to soothe irritation caused by harmful external factors. Additional nutrients deliver moisture and help promote thicker, shinier, healthier hair.

Strong anti-oxidation benefit Vitamin C minimizes UV damage and prolongs the life of hair color by neutralizing the damaging effects of free radical activity from sun, stress, and pollution helping to prevent and repair visible signs of aging.

Key Ingredients

While unstable vitamin C is easily oxidized and loses its benefits once exposed to air, sun or moisture, Vitabrid CG@, the main ingredient of Vitabrid C12 products, stores and preserves active vitamin C within a skin-friendly mineral layer (zinc oxide).

Once it is applied to the skin, it releases active vitamin C through an ion-exchange mechanism, continuously for over 12 hours, permeating through the skin layers down to the dermis.


Vitabrid CG (Active & stable Vitamin C) – Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Glyceryl Monostearate


Dexpanthenol, L-menthol, Salicylic Acid Biotin

How To Use

Step 1

1 . Pour entire contents of the powder into the tonic bottle.

2.Install enclosed sprayer pump on tonic bottele and close tightly

3.Shake the bottle to mix contents well before each use.

Step 2

  1. Before application, divided your hair into parts so that your scalp is visible

  2. Spray the tonic mixture directly onto your scalp

  3. Massage gently for better absorption


Specially formulated for intensive care of hair and scalp. Helps alleviate itchiness of scalp and diminishes the appearance of hair loss. Promotes the look and feel of thicker and fuller hair. Hydrates and soothes the scalp.