Vitabrid C12 Face Powder Beauty Diamond 2020

For already five years, a professional jury set up by Iluguru has been awarding the Beauty Diamond Award.

The title of Beauty Diamond is a great recognition for the product, the choice is made by people who have the appropriate education, and are with great knowledge, that is, real experts. This year, three experts of their own field evaluated the cosmetic products for facial skincare. There were the most nominees in this category. When making the decision, the following are assessed:

* packaging design, ease of use

* aesthetics, texture, smell

* product effect

In order to get the desired title, all three points must have a very good result.

Having received the honorable title of the Beauty Diamond, it gives added value to the product, it is highly valued experts, I will do good for if I use this.

Vitabrid C12 Face Powder Vitamin C powder was awarded the title of Beauty Diamond 2020 in the category of facial skincare products this year.

We are grateful and proud!