• I purchased Vitabrid VitaminC Shampoo shampoo, on the advice of a friend, and because I attracted an interesting and promising composition. The shampoo foams very well and washes mixed-type hair (fatty at the roots, dry at the tips). It is very light grapefruit. Judging by the composition of the shampoo increases blood circulation in the scalp, and removes hair loss, but unfortunately I use it recently to see the results. Nevertheless, I advise everyone to try this shampoo and be sure to hold the foam on the scalp to act The willow ingredients had time to work. I also noticed that the shampoo makes the hair silky and they become more elastic.

  • Vitabrid products are unlike any other that I have ever used. An innovative way to deliver vitamin C to deeper skin tissues for 12 hours is really effective. The condition and appearance of the skin improved in a fairly short time. Highly recommend!

  • For a long time was in search of really working cosmetics. I treat the novelties with extreme caution, since My skin is allergenic. I first got acquainted with Vitabrid products at the exhibition ilu sõnum. I was impressed by the composition of these products. I use shampoo for four months and I am delighted! The condition of the scalp improved, the hair became thicker, the trichologist approved. Delivered order quickly + with a small gift. Many thanks, I will recommend your products and wait for new products!’

  • From the first time I wash my hair with VITABRID shampoo, to be honest, I liked it. “Something is happening” on the head, it cools pleasantly and for some reason you remember mint ... I have very thin hair, but after drying it seems to take on a different structure. It is economical. THANK. RECOMMEND to try. YOU'LL LIKE IT!!!

  • I like the ability of this brand to supply the skin with active vitamin C for 12 hours and lightening the pigmentation. Surprisingly, I found that Vitabrid SPOT is a very effective remedy for problem skin against in the fight against acne. The brand also has a unique product line that promotes collagen synthesis and stimulates hair growth.

  • My clients all liked the result after the shampoo, a very pleasant feeling on the head, there is no irritation and itching.