HYUNDAI Bioscience

Hyundai Bioscience develops and commercializes DDS (Drug Delivery System) platform technologies for safe and efficient delivery of drugs and active ingredients to the body, built by our proprietary Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Technologies.

Using our next-generation bio hybrid technologies that enables safe delivery of active ingredients deep into the skin, we have successfully developed treatments for refractory skin diseases, first presenting to the world a new paradigm of skin disease treatments with vitamin C, not medicine.

Hyundai Bioscience’s key accomplishments include Vitabrid CG powder, a compound of vitamin C with mineral for topical application, and other powder compounds of drugs or active ingredients for various skin diseases. We have filed and registered patents for such new materials, followed with ceaseless clinical tests to verify safety and efficacy.

We strive to be ‘World’s First, World’s Best’ bio firm, ultimately presenting break-through cancer treatment solutions with intelligent tumor-targeted drug delivery technologies.